6 down, 3 to go…

We’ve been working on new recordings for several months now, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  We are lucky enough to be working at Josh Mathys’ studio, located in the industrial blocks of SE PDX.  Josh is also our drummer, so that’s handy.  The overall sound of the tracks is somewhat heavier, darker, and dare I say, LUSH!  The recent snow storm gave us 3 days to hole up and refine the goods.  Recording is far from the instant gratification of performing live, but in the end, I believe, well worth the effort and time. This weekend we start on three new tracks- Spring, There Is a Way, and Low Hum.  We are also toying with the idea of doing experimental videos with each track, and releasing them one-by-one in this manner, as we are not supported by a label, and therefore have no one telling us what we can or can’t do!  Seems like a great idea to me- a way to keep the process fresh and creative, rather than saving everything up for one big local who-ha and the traditional supporting tour, then ending up with boxes of unsold cd’s because no one outside of your local circle really knows about you.  So, yes!  Looking forward to the coming spring and all the fun productivity!  –Jennifer

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New Ep Out Now!

“Jennifer Faust and Brian Kunkel are Denim Wedding, a rustic Americana duo that, remarkably, stands out in a crowded field of local rustic Americana bands. Denim Wedding’s new EP, Fancy Diving, is dreamlike and succulently earthy, a collection of five subdued but provocative tunes that range from upbeat Southern soul ballads (“Ankles Off”) to delicate bell-and-accordion songs (“Ebb and Flow”) to haunted dirges (“Traveling Circus”). While the music Faust and Kunkel sometimes make is spare, it is never stark, and it’s imbued with a warmth that’s impossible to fake. Fancy Diving’s utmost strengths, though, are its songs, which are adventurously written—and impeccably dressed, even if Denim Wedding’s name might make you suspect otherwise.” NED LANNAMANN – Portland Mercury


Denim Wedding “Fancy Diving” cd release, January 23 2013 @ The Laurelthirst , PDX

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